AlphaLab's Demo Day Nov. 2, 2017

TL; DR: We presented at Demo Day. Yay. Look for Sarabeth reppin' at 31:30

Stitchbridge presented at AlphaLab's Demo Day on Nov. 2 at Stage AE in PIttsburgh. Along with a strong cohort of companies which include AR, FinTech and AI Wearables, we pitched a 5 minute summary of our company, its progress and demo'd our VR experience to the attendance of 500+ investors, entrepreneurs, community members and press. See us here, and Sarabeth (in all her orange-shirted glory) at 31:30, or skip around to the other companies / product launch announcements. 

AlphaLab comes to a close, and it's been a crazy experience of learning everything we didn't know we did not know about starting a business. But now, we know, right? As we think about the lessons learned over the last few weeks, the biggest takeaways for us are obvious lessons for new entrepreneurs. There’s a reason that whole industries have flourished under the guise of offering advice to would-be CEOs and founders — we do not aspire to give advice. 

These thoughts were relevant for us, and since we have a blog, it demands content! And *Content* it shall have! Enjoy:

  1. Concrete tasks to accomplish concrete goals - similar principles behind SCRUM, but this keeps things in perspective as the monumental delusion of your decision to start a company threatens to overwhelm your soul.
  2. Practice and perfect your message - fluency in your company mission and product details grants confidence, which grants legitimacy which hopefully gets people to hire / invest in what you offer.
  3. Lose the naivete - handshake deals won't pan out. It's worse than dating, honestly. 
  4. Public speaking will never stop being scary - unless it never was in the first place, you freak of nature.
  5. Monthly recurring revenue - this is like the MSG of startup life - gives umami, can't quite pinpoint how much you need, source of consternation for many.   
  6. If you are a woman founder or POC founder, you will be on all the promotional materials. Make sure you don't have messy hair. 

This short post was disconcertingly exhausting to write, so we shall abandon any pretense of trying to be insightful, and fill the remaining space with pictures! 

Sarabeth Boak