Psyched to be in Cohort 18!!

AlphaLab is one of the top accelerators in the US, and the best place for entrepreneurs and innovators in Pittsburgh. We are so fortunate to have been included in this summer's cycle, along with our fellow ETCers Music Everywhere. Thank you to Jim, Aaron, Cat, Ilana and countless others from Innovation Works team for working with us to help us prove that VR is still an exciting space for startups like us. Right now, we have been making good use of the sweet office space in East Liberty, meeting the large network at IW and receiving our MBA-lite degree. We're using this time to further develop our software, and hope to present our technical and project traction by the end of the cycle. 

Save the date for Nov. 2 aka DEMO DAY! Coming at ya live, at Stage AE.

-Sarabeth, Jaehee & Jack

Sarabeth Boak