Launch League's Flight 2017 Conference

The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here

Sarabeth (hello!) joined a panel of other AlphaLab entrepreneurs at Akron, Ohio's Flight Conference on August 25th. Afshan from IW and AL Gear (the hardware focused accelerator) moderated. Our panel included Vivek, Vivek, Daniel and yours truly (switching to first person here b/c it's weird to type out in 3rd person) to talk about being a startup in the IOT, Big Data & VR worlds. 

The event was really fun (the 4 hours driving round trip not so much...) and I had a great time talking to different folks in the Midwest (sorry *Mid Atlantic*) startup space. I had a spirited back-and-forth with an audience member who did not agree with me about preferring good teammates over "difficult geniuses". Can't win 'em all, folks. 

Looking forward to sharing more about our journey, especially as we enter our final stage in the accelerator cycle. Sad that summer has come to an end. 

Sarabeth Boak