Launch League's Flight 2017 Conference
The Gang's All Here

The Gang's All Here

Sarabeth (hello!) joined a panel of other AlphaLab entrepreneurs at Akron, Ohio's Flight Conference on August 25th. Afshan from IW and AL Gear (the hardware focused accelerator) moderated. Our panel included Vivek, Vivek, Daniel and yours truly (switching to first person here b/c it's weird to type out in 3rd person) to talk about being a startup in the IOT, Big Data & VR worlds. 

The event was really fun (the 4 hours driving round trip not so much...) and I had a great time talking to different folks in the Midwest (sorry *Mid Atlantic*) startup space. I had a spirited back-and-forth with an audience member who did not agree with me about preferring good teammates over "difficult geniuses". Can't win 'em all, folks. 

Looking forward to sharing more about our journey, especially as we enter our final stage in the accelerator cycle. Sad that summer has come to an end. 

Sarabeth Boak
Games for Change

Jaehee and Ralph made their way to this year's Games for Change festival back in August. They presented a talk about the ETC project Injustice, and lessons learned from a VR filmmaking experience. Injustice was a student project at CMU back in Fall 2015, using the Oculus DK2, voice recognition and gaze detection to cover the topic of witnessing police harassment. 

Jaehee and Ralph have been making the conference rounds on this subject, most recently participating on a panel at the Jewish Healthcare Foundation in July. They'll be back at it in October, presenting their work and design ideas at the Context Conference in Pittsburgh.

Sarabeth Boak

Psyched to be in Cohort 18!!

AlphaLab is one of the top accelerators in the US, and the best place for entrepreneurs and innovators in Pittsburgh. We are so fortunate to have been included in this summer's cycle, along with our fellow ETCers Music Everywhere. Thank you to Jim, Aaron, Cat, Ilana and countless others from Innovation Works team for working with us to help us prove that VR is still an exciting space for startups like us. Right now, we have been making good use of the sweet office space in East Liberty, meeting the large network at IW and receiving our MBA-lite degree. We're using this time to further develop our software, and hope to present our technical and project traction by the end of the cycle. 

Save the date for Nov. 2 aka DEMO DAY! Coming at ya live, at Stage AE.

-Sarabeth, Jaehee & Jack

Sarabeth Boak
Poland VR Project

Wow, what can you say about such an amazing opportunity?

For our project, we were tasked with making 2 VR films about the Holocaust. We knew that the environments of the Camps (particularly Auschwitz) would be difficult to capture in a powerful way - there were too many people - so we focused on creating one CGI (computer graphics) experience and one 360-film experience, focusing on Warsaw and Krakow. On the trip we took both 360-video footage (RIP camera #1, that breeze really took you out) and reference photographs for the computer animation. 

Warsaw is such a modern place, and yet the sad and brutal history is conspicuous in its absence. It's hard to describe, and perhaps no words can really articulate what we experienced. Between seeing 3 death / labor camps, meeting Howard (the Survivor on the trip) and hearing his story of survival and escape, we're still processing much of what we felt on the trip. More to come as we finish up production on our first piece, the CGI experience of the Camps.

Thank you to Ralph Vituccio, who brought us on to create this project, and CMU's Dietrich School for making the project possible. We were fortunate to work with Classrooms Without Boarders, a Pittsburgh based organization, who allowed us to tag along with their tour group to Poland. Shout out to the other half of the Media Team, Jose and Danny, and finally thanks to Kuk and Julian who have been working hard with us in post-production to create a powerful final experience.


Sarabeth Boak

Signed, sealed and delivered!

What a week. We attended this year's GDC back in March. Held in San Francisco every year, GDC celebrates the world of gaming through industry talks, workshops and the expo swag-athon. In the middle of all this excitement, we received our legal documents from our lawyers. Presto, change-o, we became a company! At the time we signed, we did not yet have our first project confirmed, let alone have a plan to apply for AlphaLab. We were talking the other day, and agreed - this process feels like we both started yesterday, but also ten years ago.

Please stay with us as we begin to put the pieces in place for our company's online presence. Blog and website are slowly coming together, and we have so much more exciting news to share with you. 


Sarabeth, Jaehee & Jack