Untitled Jeju Haenyeo VR Project

VR Experience Sponsored by Tribeca Film Institute & Google Daydream | 360-Video & Youtube

August 2018 - December 2018

In early August 2018, we were honored to be selected as one of five teams for TFI’s inaugural Immersive Films Program. We pitched a VR documentary that would cover the subject of the Jeju Haenyeo, female divers in South Korea.

Added to UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List in 2016, the female divers on Jeju Island in Korea, known as the Jeju Haenyeo, are women who dive for shellfish without the aid of oxygen. The Haenyeo, made up of an aging class of women, some as old as 80, spend hours diving in harsh conditions in a tradition that dates back centuries. These strong women make up a uniquely matriarchal society in modern Korea, one that is strongly connected to their land, the sea and their spirituality. Fraught with dangers, these women continue their work in the face of sweeping change in modern Korean society, bending Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Space to their will. The guest will experience this rich culture that seems both modern, in its female agency, and traditional, in its methods, that is fast disappearing in modern Korea, in the transformative medium of Virtual Reality.

Untitled Jeju Haenyeo VR Project will be available for viewing on TFI’s Youtube channel in early 2019.

This project was made possible through our partners in Korea, particularly Y-Zin Kim, whose work with the Haenyeo continues to positively impact their lives and work. To read more about her work to preserve this important culture, visit her site for more information.

Production blog post forthcoming.


Project Details

Sponsored by:

Tribeca Film Institute

Google Daydream


Ralph Vituccio, Producer

Sarabeth Boak, Producer

Jaehee Cho, Creative Director

Tsung-Yu Tsai, Technical Director

Kyung Kuk Kim, Artist


Y-Zin Kim / Diving & Photography

Jusin Kim, Mudcake / AD

Happy Haenyeo Project

Wonji Lee / Sound Design

Camera Systems / Stitching:

Yi Halo / Jump Assembler (Google Daydream Team)

Abyss Rig for Go Pro / Autopano (Freedom360)